Long before there was WordPress or Facebook or Twitter, we put up a website and called it Tophamonline. We hand coded the html and we got excited about things like dynamic fonts and CSS. We even had a 24/7 webcam to check out our old dog, Auggie. The website later morphed into a WordPress blog, like the one you see here, and we tried to keep everyone up to date by posting as often as we could.

Then Zuckerberg ruined all that. Like you, we now communicate with friends and update our status on Facebook. It is quick and convenient, but also a bit embarrassing for a family that hosts its own web server in the basement of our home. We still host a couple of web sites, and you can find links for them here. But if you just want to keep up with the latest snippets from the Tophams, you will need to find us on Facebook.

But don’t be surprised if we find a way to bring the Auggie cam back one of these days! But of course we would now have to call it the Otto cam.